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September 03, 2015











Did you miss me, guys?
I haven't been around for a while, got my head stuck everywhere and nowhere at the same time so that there was not any time left to blog or even to take any photos. I didn't even know if I would ever blog again... but I am so happy that some of you are still following this neglected blog. Thanks to all of you, my dear followers!

But now I am back with some photos of my Cologne Tour. ;)
I was there already two years ago. Back then I was in grade 11 and intended to study medicine when I finished school. Now I am studying sociology, politics and psychology and I am pretty happy with it. Funny, how time goes by.

In Cologne I visited a Journalism Summer School. There I've learned a lot about the profession of a journalist. I have to admit that I can see myself in this profession but therefore I have to practice a lot more in writing. Thus I am intending to start a new blog focussing on my political interests. But this project is still in work.

Still I do not want to neglect this blog anymore. This is still my personal blog, my space where I can write anything to the world and follow my interest in photography. But of course the topics of this blog will change as well as I have changed during the last few months. You may not even notice... I am not planning it through, though. Still I am sure you will notice something in my photography style. Or my writing style. Or anything else.

Well, right now I am sitting sick in my bed while in Berlin there is a free Antilopengang concert. I hope everything near Berlin had the chance to see them.

Lots of Love, guys. x

Kommentare :

Anonym hat gesagt…

schöner Post! Würde mich freuen, wenn du mal vorbeischauen würdest. Alles Liebe Lessa

ganz besonders hat gesagt…

I have been to Prague myself two times yet and I love the city with its old architecture... it's so pretty there. Great photos!