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Januar 02, 2015


Happy New Year, my dear followers. #

I have now neglected my blog for more than three months. I won't excuse because honestly I am not sorry. My life has changed so much and I needed time to get along with it. I had the feeling of not fitting into my life anymore. So I didn't feel like blogging a lot an now I have returned.

Plus my camera was under repair and it took three (!!!) months until I've received it back due to me moving to Freiburg. 800 km are separating me from my family, my comfort zone, my old life. I am still getting used to this, tho. Still, I like my new life. University, moving out, new friends... I feel my surroundings influencing my personal development as much as never before.
Do you know that feeling?

By now I am at my parents' place on vacation but I hope that as soon as I get back to Freiburg I will be able to show you new pictures.

Lots of Love x

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Kristina hat gesagt…

Dein Blog ist schön. Ich mag deine Bilder sehr.