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August 29, 2014

on the road


Honestly, I am totally tired of my excuses for not having enough time for photography, editing photos, blogging and stuff. I totally hate it. Still, I have got a lot of stuff today, I am touring around for 16 days for work, have to prepare for interviews, write a speech, search for a new flat and I will even get operated (okay it's only an ambulant one- who cares). 

So... the black and white picture I took on a bridge in Vietnam depicts my life. A road that leads in one direction, no matter what I will get to the other side in some way. I have never felt such a change in my life before. Now I do. Everything is going to change. I won't have the same people around, the same tasks to do and even if I have plans by now I am so sure they will change by the time I move out. 

Don't worry, I won't neglect my blog anymore, I got some photos in store for you for the time I am gone. 

xo. Truc


Kommentare :

powpow hat gesagt…

das erste bild ist so gut!

wenn dich mein kram interessiert, ich bin hier:

Katta hat gesagt…

Sehr schöner Blog *_* Und das Kleid ist super süß!

Allerliebste Grüße,