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August 26, 2014

mountain sound


Vietnam Part II

I noticed some days ago that I shot about 2000 pictures in Vietnam. One week ago I stood in the queue on the airport to check in and now I am here lying in my comfortable bed and preparing some stuff. And looking at the pictures it feels like years between today and those days in Vietnam. Though time doesn't part me from Vietnam but distance. 

Those photos were taken in Da Nang which is probably my favourite city in Vietnam. The best thing about it is its surrounding landscape: mountains and sea. It takes about 15 minutes to the beach and about 30 minutes up to the mountains so that there is such a huge variety of views and impressions you can get. If you ever travel to Vietnam you have to visit this city. 

I hope you enjoy the photos!
Lots of Love!







Kommentare :

Julia. hat gesagt…

Das sieht alles so schön aus!
Bist du Vietnamesin?

Trang hat gesagt…

Bei deinen Bildern bekomme ich wirklich Fernweh. Ich war vor 2 Jahren auch einmal in Da Nang mit meiner Familie. Ich vermisse die Landschaft, die Menschen, das teilweise unerträgliche warm-feuchte Wetter usw. Es ist einfach meine Heimat <3
Liebe Grüße, Trang


christinshappyplace hat gesagt…

So krass schöne Fotos! Einfach nur toll! :)