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Juli 08, 2014

an ending is a new beginning


Before I show you some more photos from the Baltic Sea - yeah, there are some more- I want to show you some photos of Frankfurt and me in my prom dress. I have been trying on about 30 dresses and walked into more than ten shops in whole Berlin until I found this lovely dress. And yeah.. it was pretty expensive... In this photos I am smiling like a horse but those are the best I found. I had the chance to wear my prom dress twice- once at my school prom and once at the prom of my scholarship in Frankfurt. So I think it was worth the price!

The following photos were made at the following weekend when I stayed for a student's council. I think Frankfurt is a pretty lovely city though some of my dearest friends don't like it. Still I don't think I want to study there. It's too big, too much undergroundy (I hate undergrounds), too citylike. Earlier I wanted to study in Berlin but then I thought I have to move more than 50 km far away from home. So I decided for Freiburg.... and I hope that I will be taken. If you fell once in love with Berlin you cannot live in another big city of Germany. And Freiburg is a very nice, lovely city faaaar away from home (about 700 km).

Lots of Love to you! xx








Kommentare :

ina hat gesagt…

Sehr schönes Ballkleid und der Rotton ist ganz toll! :)

Liebst, ina

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Jasmin hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank!
Tolle Farbe von deinem Kleid und schöne Bilder von dir :)

Julia. hat gesagt…

Das Kleid ist ja wunder wunder schön und das steht dir auch super mit deinen dunklen Haaren! Die Farbe ist ja mal Wahnsinn.
Deine Posts werden mir nicht mehr angezeigt, da werde ich dich doch entfollowen und wieder neu followen müssen. Haha, das klingt jetzt bisschen dämlich und sinnlos.