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Mai 28, 2014

it's always darkest before the dawn

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She's back! Almost three months have passed since I published my last post. It's unbelievable how many things in my life and my attitude towards it have changed. I finished my exams, in less than six months from now on I will be living a new life in a new city and I feel a sense of nostalgia because everything is about to change. Another part of my life is waiting and therefore I had the need to recover my blog. Anyway, I deleted all my old posts, changed the title and link of it. It's some kind of new beginning. 

Let's start today, enjoy it!

1 Kommentar :

Trang hat gesagt…

Hihi,das ist ja witzig. Zur Zeit schaue ich mir viele verschiedene Blogs durch sehe viele andere Bloggerinnen die nach dem Abi oder wegen was anderem eine Veränderung durchmachen (Mich mit eingeschlossen)

Hast nun eine neue Lesserin, hoffe du schaust auch mal bei mir vorbei :)